PSQF 6250
Computer Packages for Statistical Analysis

This course aims to give students an in depth exploration of using R for data science and statistical analysis. The course is hands on where students will spend time practicing what they learn with real data to explore real problems. Students will gain experience cleaning, manipulating, visualizing, describing, exploring, and analyzing data from various perspectives. Students will also explore the benefits of reproducible analyses using R markdown documents to weave statistical code with text. Additional topics such as version control, markdown, and bootstrap will be discussed. This course will not teach you exactly what to do for every analysis, rather will attempt to give you tools to accomplish general data tasks and practice answering questions with data.


This is an online asynchronous course. The course assumes no prior R knowledge and will use the tidyverse style of packages to do data cleaning, data import, data manipulation, data visualization, modeling, and more.


Pre-recorded lectures

Hands On Assignments

6 total


10 quizzes



Assistant Professor